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Bumbu Bali Quality Poultry

The absolute key to delicious poultry dishes is a high quality basic product. The two most important quality attributes for poultry meat are appearance and texture. Appearance is critical for both the consumers initial selection of the product as well as for final product satisfaction. Texture is the single most important sensory property affecting final quality assessment. Appearance quality attributes include skin colour, meat colour, cooked meat pinkness, and appearance defects such as bruises and haemorrhages. Since appearance is so critical for consumer selection, we go to great length stop produce chickens with the appropriate quality criteria for the Bali market. We make certain that the birds selected come from farms where they can live a short but pleasant live. Best possible feeding practises ensure proper growth and as a result outstanding and very tasty meet. Processing is done in a human and stress free way according to Halal practises.


Bumbu Bali, Quality poultry  provides the finest quality poultry bread  on Bali and Indonesian, which is produced to the specific needs of our clientele.

We are recognized by our customers and competitors as the leading poultry processor in Bali.


By following the highest international hygienic and sanitation standards we are able to offer a product which is among the finest on the island. Our production methods including the latest technologies available, which allow us to process all our poultry in an absolute humane and stress-free  way. Only birds from  semi free range farms, which grew up on natural feeds, will be sold and further processed.

A large proportion of our business is in line with the ever growing convenience food market, and as result we offer our clients products and cuts which are processed to their needs and specification.

We are recognised for our innovative, creative and very consistent products.

Believing in great value for money and outstanding customer service.

Respect for the environment forces us to operate in a way that we reduce waist to an absolute minimum and work as much as possible with re-usable packaging.

Our client’s expectations are always exceeded due to our warm, caring, accommodating and professional employees who constantly provide genuine and consistent service. We listen to our respected customers and adjust our production to their needs.


We nurture great relationships with the Government and local authorities, by promoting the culture of Bali, and always protecting the environment.

Our team of professionals always treats each other with genuine respect, and are commit to continue training and development. The company’s credo is the foundation of our success and will guarantee a terrific, challenging and rewarding future, as well as many happy costumers. As a result we see Bumbu Bali, Quality Poultry  not only as a place of work, put also as a warm and positive working environment and consider ourselves a big happy family.

Bumbu Bali Quality Poultry

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