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Nasi Campur - Taste of Bali

In a sense that is what Balinese people eat at home twice every day all over their lives. Most Balinese Warungs that serve Nasi Campur have a glass enclosed case in which are placed plates of various pre-cooked dishes. There is usually some sort of meat, vegetables and sauces. Often there is fried Tempe and fried peanuts are a standard. You can just order “nasi” and the person in charge usually a woman, puts a scoop of cooked rice from big basket on a plate, and then adds small portions of contends of each bowl, plus a dab of Sambal (spicy chili sauce).

Nasi Campur Special Bali - Rp 160,000++

Sate Babi, Ayam, Lilit - Pork, Chicken, and Seafood Satay

Ayam Sambal Matah - Shredded Chicken with Shallot and Lemongrass Dressing

Teum Bebek - minced Duck in Banana Leaf 

Be Celeng Base Manis - Braised Pork Nech in Sweet Soy Sauce

Lawar Ayam - Vegetable Chicken Sald in Coconut Dressing

Nasi Campur Special Seafood - Rp 160,000++

Sambel be Tongkol - Tuna salad with Shallots and Lemongrass

Sate Udang dan Ikan - Prawn, Fish and Seafood Satay

Pesan be Pasih - Minced Seafood Grilled in Banana Leaf

Sambal Udang - Shrimps in Spiced Coconut Sauce

Lawar Sayur - Vegetable Salad in Coconut Dressing

Nasi Campur Special Halal - Rp 160,000++

Ayam Sambal Matah - Shredded Chicken with Shallot and Lemongrass Dressing

Sate Udang dan Ikan - Prawn, Fish and Seafood Satay

Tum Ayam - Minced Chicken in Banana Leaf

Kambing Mekuah - Lamb Stew with Cardamom

Lawar Sayur - Vevgetable Salad in Coconut Dressing

Nasi Campur Special Vegetarian - Rp 110,000++

Sate Tempe - Satay from fermented Soy Bean Cake

Pecelan - Vegetable Salad in Peanut Dressing

Sayur dan Lawar - Two Balinese Vegetable Dishes

Pesan Wong - Shitake Mushroom Grilled in Banana Leaf

Lawar Sayur - Vegetable Salad in Coconut Dressing

Seafood Information 

Dearest Diner...For the past 20 years we took incredible pride in the quality of our fresh seafood, chosen with the greatest of care from the local market each and every day. As a result, this section of the menu was dedicated to our Seafood Rijsttafel. The set menu offered a good variety of the very best local seafood prepared carefully in the traditional Balinese way. Two gentleman’s in our team visit daily the only local seafood market in Jimbaran in search of the finest and freshest fish caught.

It is with greatest sadness that we need to inform you that the ocean around Bali is absolutely fished out. I know this sounds crazy as everybody expects fresh fish on an island surrounded by oceans.  Then again if you work in a bank does not necessary mean that you actually have a lot of money. Yes, there is still some fish like sardines, mackerels and bonitos in the waters around Bali which unfortunately is of low quality and of no great interest to us.

Over the last many years our teams have spared no efforts to save thousands of green sea turtles and tens of thousands of turtle eggs that we rescued from poachers and hatched them. We also where very careful when purchasing seafood and would have never   prepared a fish that is undersized following the strict rules as found under Australian law.

It is simply against our environmental believes to fly seafood in from around the globe to be featured on our menu. We still visit the fish market daily in search for the finest and freshest fish. If luck is on our side that we find some great seafood, then we will still purchase them and have them on offer the same night.

Our sincere apologies if we are not able to meet your expectations in terms of seafood selection. However, we can ashore you that the small variety of seafood on our menu is the very freshest found in these waters.

 Thank you very much for your understanding and please do enjoy your Balinese dinner.

Heinz, Puji, Fabian and the Team

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Lunch Special Selection

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