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Our Mission

Provides an unforgettable culinary, cultural and visual art experience by combining many traditional elements of a Balinese Village / Home, and the warm and genuine friendly hospitality of the Balinese People.


We are recognized by our guests and competitors as the culinary leader in Bali for Balinese cuisine. The flavors are traditional authentic as found in Balinese homes, the presentations are creative and the setting and ambiance is inspired by the colonial past of Indonesia as well as the visual art work of the owners.  





























Our guest’s expectation are always exceeded due to our warm, caring, accommodating and professional staff who constantly provide genuine and consistent service.


We foster good relationships with our valuable patrons, developing genuine good relationships with the government and local authorities by promoting our incredible island  culture and protecting the environment of Bali.


We, our team always treat each other with genuine care and respect and commit ourselves to continue training and development. We see our institution as a warm and positive working environment and consider ourselves a big happy family. As a result, we will never be greedy and when ever possible consider to help the less fortunate.


Bali is our home that we love, support, promote and always respect.

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